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About our Brand

Ariike Studio was founded in 2017 by Ari Ruban, a Nigerian-British designer. Upcycling sits at the core of Ariike Studio’s design philosophy, and each product is made out of pre-used, organic materials sourced from suppliers in the UK. Ariike Studio is operated out of Ari’s design space in Brixton, South London, where she designs her aprons, bags, accessories and other products by hand.

Ariike Studio’s best selling item is the upcycled apron, which is made using denim from multiple pairs of pre-worn jeans. The inspiration behind the aprons comes from the philosophy that underpins the brand: to increase the lifespan of pre-worn organic materials by transforming them into unique, high-quality pieces of luxury workwear and accessories. Ariike Studio also creates tote and laptop bags, both made out of pre-worn denim, and the clothing line is soon to be expanded to include skirts and dresses.

Naturally, sustainability is central to Ariike Studio’s ethical production values. The creation of something new and beautiful from old materials that are seen as obsolete is the brand’s raison d’être. Extending the life-cycle of pre-worn organic materials ensures that less fast fashion is consumed and the environmental burden of producing new materials is reduced. This process also adds value through authenticity and personalisation. Each and every item created by Ariike Studio is unique, telling a story of its past, whilst designer Ari Ruban is fundamental to every stage of the design process, from the sourcing of materials to completion.

Ariike Studio supplies individual customers, as well as designing its classic aprons to service bulk orders for use in art studios, restaurants or cafés and retail outlets worldwide.

We are different

Each item is passionately crafted and uniquely designed.
As handmade products, each item has its own
unique style which make them even more special.
Authentic Design
Folowing the sustainability ethos, Ariike’s designs revolve
around upcycled materials, dead stock materials
and remnants of mostly organic materials.
Sustainable Products
Ariike’s designs strive to spread awareness of the upcycling process. By
reusing, repurposing and redesigning existing materials, Ariike’s designs return
preloved materials , remnant and unused materials to use, thereby extending their lifespan.
Part of the Circular Economy

Our upcycling process

Each item we make is unique because each piece is handcut, hand assembled and finished in our studio in London. Because we reuse and upcycle materials and fabrics that are already in existence, preparation is the key to our process. The process of washing, disassembling, sorting is the beginning of our process.


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