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    Shop Sustainably No Waste Retail

    Shop No Waste, shop sustainably Here at Ariike Studio we are currently anticipating our next pop-up event and working hard for the 1 June online launch of our capsule collection. This capsule collection project has forced us to scrutinise our existing ‘made to order’ model and its viability in a retail environment. In a retail space customers expect to have

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  • Aprons, upcycled denim aprons

    Lockdown 2020 and a new found creative freedom

    The UK lockdown gave me a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore my passion for upcycling, denim and design and find new markets for my creative endeavours. I was overwhelmed and frustrated at the onset of the first lockdown: my dressmaking business came to a screeching halt.  The face to face sewing classes ceased without any notice.  Panic set in: what shall I do now? How do I pay my bills now? When the panic subsided, I started to take stock of things.   For those of us who work for ourselves in the creative industry, there is always the challenge to be creative and to be commercially viable.  It’s a delicate balance.  Sometimes, commercial viability robs us of the creative aspect or causes us to compromise in order to make enough to keep going.

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  • 5442

    How the lockdown changed my business.

    I remember the morning of the first lockdown, I woke up, sat upright and wondered what I would do with myself? I had brought home some sewing machines, bags of thread, patterns, paper, scissors, fabrics, zips, buttons, pins, rulers, etc. I did not know what I would do with them, but these were my comfort things. I had no students to teach, no guests for my sewing experiences, sewing classes had to stop, Airbnb experiences came to a halt! All that I was left with were my machines, my tools and myself. Custom orders were out of the question, just SHUT, LOCKED DOWN! The thing about the lockdown was the emotional blow which blew the winds out of my sails, I could not think around the problem.

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