Classic tote, Sustainable Denim Tote Bag with leather trims

Classic tote, Sustainable Denim Tote Bag with leather trims


The Classic Tote – Sustainable Denim Tote Bag

Our Tote Bag is the perfect companion for the daily hustle and bustle of a busy lifestyle. This Denim Tote is designed for life on the go. Why not have a sustainable Tote Bag as the perfect accessory for any outfit? Whether you’re shopping, heading to work out, or even as a travel weekend bag!

This is the Classic tote with a twist, trimmed with used leather sections.  Like the classic tote, it is designed for life on the go, the bag doubles up as a stylish denim accessory as well as the perfect functional tote bag.  The leather pieces are sourced from preloved leather throw. Each tote has unique design features and is hand-cut and hand-sewn from pre-worn denim.

At Ariike Studio each individual Classic Tote is made from recycled denim in our London Studio. We are dedicated to sourcing sustainable materials for our products, this means that each bag is bespoke and unique made from quality upcycled denim. The hand-sewn and hand-cut Totes are made with care and creativity. The exact size of each Tote is dictated by the sustainable materials available. No two bags are the same.

Made from upcycled Denim, the Classic Tote is a reusable bag and is machine washable, so you can dump the plastic bags! You can enjoy the versatility of a Tote all whilst being fashionable and chic. This spacious Tote is ideal for a grocery shopping bag or a travelling bag and is a great durable alternative to a canvas tote bag.

Our Classic Tote is made from one pair of upcycled jeans. Each bag includes original pocket features and other excess materials from the original jeans used to embellish the bag. The bag features 2 outer pockets and one interior pocket, perfect organising your bag or holding a mobile phone, purse, or keys. By utilising all these elements of the upcycled denim we source, we can ensure virtually zero waste in our production process and minimal environmental impact. The perfect ethically made Tote Bag.

When you order, you will receive a similar, but not the same as the bags pictured. This is due to the nature of our sustainably sourced materials. Some features may very.

Materials: Used Denim.

Our bags vary in size but are generally between 42 cm x 42cm (standard size).

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wash as you would your regular denim.


Each bag is unique and handmade using materials that are available at the time of making them.  The images are representative, and you will receive products that are similar and may not be exactly the same as in the image.





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