Half Aprons For Men And Women Who Love to Bbq and Cook

Half Aprons For Men And Women Who Love to Bbq and Cook


Unique Half Apron Made From Upcycled Denim

Ariike Studio’s denim half apron is individually cut and assembled in our studio in London from 2 pairs of men’s used jeans. The half apron is especially good for those who do not like the full aprons. We have used all the original pockets, waistbands, belt loops, etc. on these half aprons and you will like them. These features contribute to the unique styling of the half aprons.

  • If you do not like wearing full aprons, you can wear the half apron as cooking apron. It will do the job of protecting your clothes.
  • You may just want an additional apron and so this will work well as a kitchen apron too, it will protect your clothes while you do any job in the kitchen, around the home, in the shed, garden or while doing some craft or artwork.
  • This apron is also very good as Bistro Aprons for commercial use too.
  • Whether you are a budding chef or a professional chef, this apron works well as chef apron in a commercial cooking environment, or as waiters apron in any restaurant.
  • And if you are the bbq master, you may want to wear this as a mens bbq apron if you like.

The half apron comes with waist ties that are extra long so you can loop them around to tie them to the front or the side. The half apron also has a tab in the front where you can hang keys or can openers.

Pockets: The half apron has large pockets on the waist. You can keep your phone, notebook, thermometer or anything in any of your pockets.

Fit: The aprons fit comfortably round your waist and come in one standard size that fits all. The apron extends from the waist to the knee.

Material: The aprons are durable and machine washable. They are made with 100% cotton.

You can also check out Ariike Studios full apron and womens dress aprons.


100% Cotton from upcycled denim


Care: Wash and dry as you would your normal pair of jeans.

Storage: For convenience and ease of reach, hang your apron in your kitchen, your garage, shed or studio. Do not fold away. Slip your apron on anytime you are in your kitchen, garden or your shed, and hang it back up after use.


Wearing aprons help prolong the life span of your clothes because you protect your clothes from stains and spills. You wash your clothes less often in the process.

These aprons are made with 2 pairs of used jeans. We reuse all the original features of the used jeans and any extras are used for other items such as hair bands, bags, pencil cases etc. Nothing is wasted. By using preworn denim, we are saving these used materials from landfill and prolonging the life span of used materials. This means that the carbon footprint is negligible because these materials have been through a long wearing and washing cycle. So you can be reassured that no new pesticides, additional water is used in creating your well designed apron. And because of the robustness of the material itself and our sewing process, you will find that our mens apron will outlast most of the new ones on the market.

We also use dead stock jeans on some of our aprons, which are mixed with original features from used denim.







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