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Here at Ariike Studio we are currently anticipating our next pop-up event and working hard for the 1 June online launch of our capsule collection. This capsule collection project has forced us to scrutinise our existing ‘made to order’ model and its viability in a retail environment.

In a retail space customers expect to have items readily available to them at the point of sale. In order to satisfy shoppers expectations, a retailer carries as many pieces as possible in a variety of sizes and colours. Carrying large inventory leads to unsold items and ultimately to ever increasing mountain of waste, which has now become synonymous with the fashion industry.  Sadly the story in the fashion industry is that in every season about 30% of the clothes produced are never sold. For us as a sustainable brand, waste is something we work to avoid.

We therefore had to redefine the purpose of our retail space in light of our made to order model. The possibility of a retail space is exciting. Our previous pop-up demonstrated that the retail space offers massive opportunity for growth. Our previous pop-ups enhanced the visibility of our products, allowing new customers to interact with the items in a way that encouraged them to continue their relationships with our brand online. Though our sustainability ethos wasn’t something familiar to all, it sparked interest in people who visited and encouraged tangible sales.

Our business model must reflect our ethos. We take pride in making products that upcycle and repurpose used, unwanted and unused fabrics and transforming them into quality products for our customers. The made-to-order-structure has served our brand well and will continue to as we move into the retail space.

Sustainable fashion

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We will be using the retail space of our next pop-up to foster relationships with consumers. In store we will be offering our upcycled denim bags, our capsule collection, reworked 501s, aprons and other sustainably sourced products, we will hope to encourage customers to interact with our brand through the retail spaces.

We do not want to fall into the trap of over production and the subsequent fashion waste. Therefore, we believe that our business model of making to order is the most practical and sustainable means by which to progress and to grow sustainable fashion brand. We believe this will inspire confidence in people who support us and help us to expand our brand presence both online and in the retail space.


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