Shop online for new Pieces every month

Shop online for new Pieces every month

We are continuously at work in our studio in London. We are sourcing fabrics, designing, cutting and sewing.  As a sustainable fashion studio we care not to overproduce, we do not want to contribute more  fashion waste. This is because we use all sorts of materials which are all locally sourced.  Remnants from cutting rooms an local dressmakers, end of line from fabric merchants and manufacturers, and of course used denim.  So we are kept busy all year round. 

All our pieces are handmade and unique, simply because of the fabrics we use.  And there are always limited edition of each design.  Once it's gone, it's gone, simply because we are unlikely to get hold of the same fabric and material again. 

Our plan for 2023 onward is to bring our latest pieces out every month.  So if you missed something, you can always check back to see if there is a new design out the following month.  It is therefore important for you to register online so that you are kept updated when we drop new pieces.

Design and durability is important to us.  As this is a sustainable fashion studio, we use mainly organic materials. 

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