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Ariike Ruban Studio

Reworked Levi 501 jeans

Reworked Levi 501 jeans

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These vintage Levi's 501's have been reworked and redesigned into a pair of wide leg jeans. The reworked 501's is assembled from 2 pairs of jeans with a patchwork of used denim, remnant denim pieces, waxed cloth, and cotton prints (ankara).
This is a one-off pair for men and women.

How do we do it?  We start off with a pair of vintage men's 501.  We disassemble the pair of 501s by hand, concentrating on the areas of stress in the crotch areas in the front and back.  We redesigned the legs of these and use a second pair of jeans, remnant denim, wax cloth and print to create the new design that you have in the picture.

We then put everything back together, trying as much as possible to match and/or contrast the original stitching.

We work on each denim individually and hence there is no repetition. They are all one of a kind.

You will agree, this is a beautiful work of art!


They come in a range of sizes, you should order a size 2 times up from your usual waist size, they should be baggy and comfortable around the waist, the rest takes care of itself.  Ideally you should be guided by your hips measurement.


When you order you will ship you a pair different to the one in the picture.  Each pair is unique and individually cut and hand assembled.  So you will get the same beautiful design,  superb workmanship, and a fit that is like the one in the picture.  If you have a particular colour theme you are after (say you want more reds or more greens or blues, or just denim), send us a note with your order.  We will be happy to oblige.

Your Reworked 501 will be shipped out 3 days after we receive your order.




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